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LPS efficiently transforms raw imagery into accurate, reliable geospatial data. LPS is an integrated suite of photogrammetry software tools for generating terrain models, producing orthophotos and extracting 3D features.
The GeoMedia® product suite is a set of well-integrated applications that provide you with the full breadth of geospatial processing capabilities needed by industries , such as governments and transportation agencies for map production, infrastructure management, and land management. Utility and telecommunications companies, as well as defense and intelligence organizations, also rely on this product suite for data analysis, data sharing, and map production.
ERDAS GeoSpatial Desktop Software

Intergraph GeoMedia Software

GIS Solutions

Remote Sensing Solutions -
Visualise Satellite Imagery and Aerial photoghrapy. Classification, Change detection, 3D visulisation.

Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Solutions

The GeoMedia Difference
- Universal Data Access
- Standards-based Approach
- Rich Geospatial Analysis
- High Level of Productivity
- State-of-the-Art Map Composition

GeoMedia Desktop Core Products

GeoMedia Viewer - View, query, and present distributed enterprise spatial data

GeoMedia - View, analyze, and present geospatial data

GeoMedia Professional - Access, display, analyze, output, maintain, and validate geospatial data into an enterprise database






GeoMedia 3D - All the analysis and query capabilities of GeoMedia in a 3D environment .

ECW for ArcGIS Server
ERDAS Imagine and GeoMedia Live Link due for release 2012

We Support Higher Education institutions and Non Profit orginisations by offering special product offerings and preferential pricing. Please contact us for futher details.

ERDAS and Intergraph are now working together, leveraging their synergies to redefine the geospatial industry. As a part of Intergraph’s Security, Government and Infrastructure division (SG&I), ERDAS’ technology enhances Intergraph’s geospatially powered solutions for managing, enhancing and protecting life, infrastructure and property.

Together, ERDAS and Intergraph provide a comprehensive geospatial system capable of translating change, on the fly, into actionable information. Consumers finally have an integrated software solution to handle their entire geospatial information lifecycle: processing vector, raster and terrain data into actionable information; managing, fusing, and sharing geospatial data across departments and regions; and finally, rapidly and securely delivering integrated information products, ensuring individuals can make timely decisions.

To build off this growing momentum, ERDAS and Intergraph are hosting the Synergy Series, a set of webinars that enable you to experience the future of the geospatial industry first-hand.
The ERDAS IMAGINE Suite of software performs advanced remote sensing analysis and spatial modeling to create new information. In addition, with ERDAS IMAGINE, you can visualize your results in 2D, 3D, movies, and on cartographic quality map compositions.
ERDAS ER Mapper provides advanced image processing and compression capabilities widely used in a variety of industries including oil, gas and mineral exploration. ERDAS ER Mapper allows you to visualize, enhance and combine images for a broad array of applications. Extracting the quantitative information you need, ERDAS ER Mapper makes your data more meaningful to solve business problems.
ERDAS offers a number of solutions in various application areas for users on the ArcGIS platform. These products are geared towards image processing, feature collection and automatic feature extraction.
- Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS
- ERDAS Terrain Editor for ArcGIS
- Feature Assist for ArcGIS
- Image Analysys for ArcGIS

GeoMedia® enables you to bring data from disparate databases into a single GIS database environment for viewing, analysis, and presentation. No translation of data is required. You avoid problems with redundant and out-of-date data because everyone is getting their information from the source. GeoMedia’s data server technology supports open standards, providing GIS interoperability through direct access to all major geospatial/CAD data formats and to industry-standard relational databases. GeoMedia is uniquely suited to perform "what-if" analysis because it enables you to string together multiple operations in an analysis pipeline. Changing any of the data along the pipeline automatically updates the results.

GeoMedia offers a wide range of application specific modules like the GeoMedia Parcel Manager which pr ovides the ability to generate accurate cadastral maps in the timely manner required for the support of tax assessment. GeoMedia Parcel Manager lets you perform parcel geometry operations and interact with the GIS database while viewing the parcel map or neighborhood. The software provides tools to simplify the subdivision process, as well as other tools, to enhance the rapid capture and correction and integration of data. GeoMedia Parcel Manager is designed to work in a database environment and provides tools that let you interactively search or make queries on maps to produce information from the database.

Photogrammetry Solutions -
Production environment orientaded solution. Caters for the full workflow from Aerial Triangulation to Terrain Extraction to Terrain Editing to Feature Extraction to Orthophoto and Mosaicing to Map Creation.




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